Savannah Yarborough

I heard Savannah's name about 100 times before I officially met her. I knew her by word of mouth as this young, very smart designer who was designing all the shoes for Billy Reid. Someone I should really meet. On one of those first bright sunny spring days, we met up for a cold beer at 12 South Taproom.  At the time, she was just starting Atelier Savas, and I was balancing motherhood and working far from the people that helped me build my brand. She was an immediate kindred spirit and very much what I had heard about her--smart as a whip, funny and full of passion. We have been pals, sounding boards and close allies ever since.

Atelier Savas is now a thriving company. Savannah is a leather wizard, and everything she makes is handled personally and formidably. That's a rare thing in this fast-fashion world. I am in awe of her innate design ability and vision combined with her ability to work harder than most. I can only hope that fashion trends in the direction Savannah is taking on.

I'm incredibly honored that she agreed to pose in my pieces. I would also like to extend an extra thanks to Scott, her sweet dog, for his much needed participation in helping Sav model my delicate laces with her badass jackets and for keeping her smiling through the hard work. Go, Sav, GO!

What is your idea of happiness?

My happiest moments are very different from one another. The first is aimlessly strolling through a new city. Exploring uncharted alleys and finding special things. The second is moments when my humans are all together and telling stories.

What trait do you most love about yourself?

I’ve been told that I’m an old soul. I believe it, since most all of my friends are of different and higher generations. I find that I really enjoy being in the presence of wisdom, and I thrive there. I find myself acting a lot like my dad in many ways, not wanting to adapt to technology, and constantly doing things the “long” way, which I really prefer.

What trait do you most love in others?

I admire people who have a lot of fun, doing whatever they’re doing. One of my downfalls is being too serious, so I try to absorb lightness and fun from those who have it!

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Show up. Show up on time. Show up dressed to play. - Ron Samuels

Tell us your best beauty secret.

Eek. I’m obsessed with Korean skincare, so now I put so many things on my face because they feel so good! Shiseido cotton pads are the best!!

What is your favorite thing to do when nothing is being asked of you?

I really enjoy cooking alone. Sometimes when I’m procrastinating or have down time, I’ll spend way too much time and money on a recipe and ingredients. It’s the best way to pass time and test my skills.

What is your dream vacation?

Morocco. That’s all I want.

What fragrance can you not live without?

Le Labo Santal 33.

 All photos by Heidi Ross.