Poni Silver


This week's Musing is all about powerhouse, sexy mama Poni Silver--the incredible designer behind Black by Maria Silver and a badass drummer. Poni is one of those people that you can't help but have a major girl crush on. She is fun, beautiful, smart and talented and has zero ego about any of it. We live on opposite ends of town, so we don't often get to hang out together, but when we do, I always want more.

Poni is the perfect muse, and I was so delighted when she accepted. It was hard to pick my favorite pictures from this series of photos that Heidi Ross, our resident portrait photographer, took of her. But I had to, and here they are, along with her answers to our favorite questions.

Thank you, Poni. You truly are a rock star fashion designer!


What is your idea of happiness?

For me, it can come from a major accomplishment or sometimes it's the little things like having a moment to hang with my beau and furbies. The other day I thrifted this amazing caftan, and when I got in my car, Arrested Development's "People Everyday" came on and I teared up with joy. What?!? Why? Haha! I'll take it in any form it comes.

Tell us your best beauty secret.

SPF all day, everyday.

What is your favorite thing to do when nothing is being asked of you?

Wine and Law and Order SVU with my furmily!

What is your dream vacation?

Any trip abroad where I wouldn't have to have a hard date to come back. But maybe I'm thinking of retirement.

What fragrance can you not live without?

Elizabeth and James, Nirvana Black.   

 All photos by Heidi Ross.