Libby Callaway

The story begins like most stories of the women I showcase in Musings. As I was starting to get my footing in Nashville, there was this name that kept coming up, someone I needed to meet--Libby Callaway. First off, that's just an incredible name. One that belongs to a heroine in an amazing book I want to read. Then I met the human attached to that name. She was full of light, tall and lean, with long mermaid red hair and dressed so exquisitely, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. We meet regularly for breakfast, and the vision of her walking through the doors in her mega-style is quite literally life affirming to me, like an eye cup of coffee.

So let's just say, Libby Callaway makes an impression. It took us about a year, though, to realize that we had met once before, when she was working in NYC as the fashion editor at The New York Post and I was designing and running a bridesmaid company named Thread. Libby was sent to report on this ”cool” brand that had taken on the least cool customer--the "ladies in waiting” and their “matrons”. For both of us, it was a different lifetime. Libby has been a great support professionally to me since I left that world. A relentless cheerleader, she encouraged me to throw my hat into the ring of the Nashville fashion world. I'm so grateful our orbits were meant to reconnect at a later date in beautiful Nashville and that we would also get to work together.

Libby and I can sit and talk about any and every aspect of life with absolute candor. In my experience, it's uncommon to feel that safe. She is a rare bird, and I am so grateful to have her near and dear in all respects.

What is your idea of happiness?

Few things make me happier than connecting people. I've introduced countless mutual friends, couples who have gotten married, writers who have gone on to author books together, job-hunters with new employers... It's my jam and it thrills me exceedingly.

What trait do you most love about yourself?

Warmth. I feel like I have a knack for making people feel comfortable and valued.

What trait do you most love in others?

Integrity. And candor.

Name one thing you're proudest of.

The Callaway. I am so damn proud of this company that my team and I are building. Hands-down, starting TC has been the most valuable and rewarding experience of not just my career, but of my life. It IS my life and, honestly, I love that.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Be nice, play fair, and work hard. My dad is an extremely wise but very stoic dude. While he never flat-out told me that this trifecta was the key to success - in work and life in general - I learned plenty from observing him in action. He's my moral touchstone.

Tell us your best beauty secret.

Exercise. The older I get, the more convinced I am that movement is what keeps you looking and feeling great. Also - facials and products from Karee Hayes are IMPERATIVE.

What is your favorite thing to do when nothing is being asked of you?

Go antiquing or thrifting. Second-hand shopping is my solace and my great joy.

What is your dream vacation?

A new city with a vibrant creative culture, great architecture, insane food scene, and terrific shopping, including a massive flea market. (I have flea-ed on four continents so far.)

What fragrance can you not live without?

Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle. It's expensive - it took me years to finally pull the trigger - but it makes me feel beautiful and very sexy.

 All photos by Heidi Ross.