Caroline Allison

This week's Musing is the finale in this series, but it was actually the first shoot we did. Caroline--or Lina, as I know her--felt like a true link from my old life in NYC to my new life in Nashville. When I decided to re-launch my line and start this journal, picking Lina as my first subject just felt right.

When I first met Lina, she was sharing a studio with lighting artist John Wigmore.  I immediately loved her photographs, and I was so struck by Lina's gentleness and lack of ego in juxtaposition to her incredible work. None of our posse of artist friends possessed such humility. 

Years later, when I decided to move to Nashville to have more space and time for my soon-to-arrive-child, I was so grateful to find out that my old friend Lina was living there, too. I quickly fell in love with life outside of “the big city"--how people take more time for each other and are gentler. It was those qualities that made Lina stand out to me when I met her some 20 years ago. It doesn’t surprise me that her roots were here, in Tennessee.

So it is my great honor to present to you my beautiful friend Lina, who never is in front of the camera but agreed to do it for me. She even let me invade her gorgeous home (built by her wondrous husband and architect majeure Nick Dryden) like it was nothing, even though I could see she was very busy. But Lina would never let you feel like a burden.

I hope you were able to see her recent show at Zeitgeist Gallery. It was breathtaking and full of her gentle beauty. You just want to live in her landscapes. 


What is your idea of happiness?

Ultimately, my idea of happiness is about a sense of connection with something bigger than ourselves. I can find it in small, daily moments with my family or working out an idea behind the camera or spending time in nature.

What trait do you most love in others?

Presence, "grounded-ness”.

Name one thing you're proudest of.

My parallel parking skills.

Tell us your best beauty secret.

My aunt’s beautiful skin purportedly came from sleeping with a face mask of Crisco. That’s a hard one to top, but I really, really love this serum that some friends are making--LOVE+HEMP Honeysuckle Avocado CBD Beauty Serum.

What is your favorite thing to do when nothing is being asked of you?

Read a book.

What fragrance can you not live without?

An oil that my husband bought for me on a trip together. It’s the scent equivalent of a cup of coffee…geranium, citrus, rosemary. Bright and zingy.

 All photos by Heidi Ross.