Cara Jackson

This week's Musing is very close to home, or office, I should say--the mighty Cara Jackson. Cara is the behind-the-scenes magic behind many here in Nashville trying to make names for themselves. Cara is one of those unicorns who loves creative energy but has no need for the spotlight. She is motivated by the love of helping creatives succeed. I happen to be very good at spotting such unicorns and was quick to hire her as my everything (quite literally) for the launch and running of this company.

Cara patiently takes our floating energies and grounds them enough so they take root and thrive. She’s also not afraid to just tell you to get your sh*t together, and I deeply appreciate that, too! The world needs more Caras: grounded, smart, supportive, accountable and not driven by ego. She sets the bar for me at work and has the patience of a demigod for those of us who can capriciously be unwilling to make the numbers work or meet deadlines. She is not the “wind” under my wings but the person who reminds me to keep a good altitude so the wind can catch. I am so grateful for her guidance and support.

I am so happy to spotlight beautiful Cara, who uncharacteristically allowed herself to be spotlighted.


What is your idea of happiness?

For me, it's little moments—ones where I’m sitting by myself on my balcony with a cup of coffee and a clear head, or moments when I’m with a dear friend, sharing a meal and talking about our everyday lives and hopes and dreams. Connecting with myself and connecting with others makes me very happy.

What trait do you most love about yourself?

I'm a take-charge kind of person. I get things done.

What trait do you most love in others?


Tell us your best beauty secret.

I stay out of the sun and drink lots of water. I’m inconsistent about everything else skincare-related, but just doing those two things seem to make up for it.

What is your favorite thing to do when nothing is being asked of you?

It's a tie between napping and sitting on my couch with Chinese food and whatever shows I'm trying to catch up on. 

What is your dream vacation?

A one-way ticket to Italy. I would only come home once I was tired of eating pasta and gelato.

What fragrance can you not live without?

I’ve worn Coco Mademoiselle for the last 20 years and will probably wear it for at least 20 more.

All photos by Heidi Ross.